03 June 2009

Syon House

I went to visit Syon House to find out how accessible it was and also Syon has a link with Henry VIII so those two resons made me want to go and see the hous

The House is a fair way from the carpark you need to go in to the shop ticket office to pay for entry to Syon House, it's not National Trust the house is owned by The Duke of Northumberland
Enrty is £9.00 adult, consessions are £8.00 not cheap.

Anyway once you have walked or wheeled up the path you see in the photo you reach the entrance to Syon House, that is not wheelchair accessible what so ever, steps up to the front door (see photo)

I could just about get up with help, when or if you manage to get up you get into The great Hall, that is very nice and this is where you pick your audio tours up from

You may not be able to see in this photo but at the other end of the Great Hall there are some steps about six with no handrail.

This is the Ante Room that is very grand and has avery nice floor, in this room you can feel a tile from the floor.

If you want to see more photo's of the house visithe website, I will give the website address later.

After the trip round the Syon House, we went for a drink in the cafe (see Blog) and then we went into Great Conservatory, this flat access into it, or more or less flat.

As you can see in this photo the ramp is not very good because it is a small step up onto the ramp

Outside Great Conservatory.

There are no seats in the Great Conservatory, that is a bit strange.

Syon House is very nice to be in on a hot day, and for those who are able to walk round and can manage stairs it is very nice, but for those who are unable to get in it is not fair there is no accessible way in.

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