28 January 2009

Elys Shopping Centre in Wimbledon

Elys Shopping Centre in Wimbledon is great to go round on a damp day parking is easy but there is no car park, you need to park on the street.

The stores opening times are:

Mon-Wed 9.30am - 6.00pm

Thursday 9.30am - 8pm

Friday 9.30am - 7pm

Saturday 9.00am - 7pm

Sunday 11.00am - 5pm

They sell everything from cards,

pens, paper, clothes, cooking items eg wooden spoons, baking trays, kettles etc.

but if you want soap or handwash they sell Moulton Brown it's not cheap at £14.00 per bottle but it make your hands feel great.

The store is fully accessible with lifts to every floor.

You must need a drink at some point and Ely's has two cafes one is run by Ely's and is called

and they also have the very well known coffee chain

Ely's do have accessable toilets but they are not seperate they are in either the mens or ladies toilets and put right at the back they are ok.

They have speakers in the toilets playing background music, the staff are friendly and willing to help you decide what to buy.


For more information please visit Ely's website at:

Accessible Score:

(might be better to have seprate accessible toilet from Gents and Ladies Toilet's, and to put rader key lock on door of accessible toilet so it does not get abused)
apart from that very good.

21 January 2009

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Muesum

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Muesum

Anyone For Tennis!

This muesum is wonderful for anyone who "Loves" tennis, the muesum is fully accesible, and the shop has a accessible toilet.

The muesum is down stairs and yes they have a lift that is big enough for wheelchair or scooter

They have thought of everything, the staff are very friendly and nice, they have audio guides with headphones, but they have not left out the hard of hearing because3 they have got the same audio guide in a hand held computer that is touch screen (about the size of an MP3 player) that has a BSL interpter signing to you

photo of what it looks like, the signage is very clear and crisp and easy to read, as you can see from this photo, I went to check out the access and they let me in as a child.

The muesum has a lot of seats so

ou can rest and read the labels on the different items on display

they also have a 200c film with very good speical effects and great mus

please note the benches are quite low, but the film is great it last 8 minute, as well as the film they have the "ghost" of McEnroe's
in his old changing room.

photo of old rackets and outfits they used to wear a few years ago....

As well as the muesum there is a small exhibtion about modern day Wimbledon and they hhave a sample of the new seating that they will have in Centre Court.

they are ok but not perfect, because they flip up and you need to pull them down with one hand before you are able to sit on it.

You must be ready for "Juice" now I was anyway, the cafe is near the muesum but not in it, the cafe is up a flight of steps but there is a ramp that goes round the back somewhere, the cafe is very nice and bright

It has it's own accessible toilet that has a rader key lock

photo of toitlet

Accessablity Score:

14 January 2009

Westfield Shopping Centre

I went to Westfield Shopping Centre to check the access out due to it being a newly opened shopping centre, if you go by car there is a good carpark with a lot od disabled parking spaces.....

Please Note Disabled Drivers have to pay in the carpark

They do have a dropped down curb but it is not next to the disabled bays.

Once you get into the centre you are faced by the ticket machines and the lifts, but they don't have normal floor numbers like (G= Ground) the lift floors go up like this -1,1,0 why I do jnot know

When you get to the shops they have the normal shops such as:
  • WHsmiths

  • Boots
  • Waitrose

  • Orange Store

  • T-Mobile Store

  • O2 Store
  • HMV

  • NatWest

  • Hailfax

They also have a area in the centre called 'The Village' that has more shops that are more upmarket such as

and many more like that.

If you feel hungry they have a huge range of cafes, coffee shops to choose from such as:

They also have Accessible toilets but they don't have any wheelchair signs anywhere but when you see the female and male sign there is a disabled toilet as well.

They have a Shopmoblility Scheme with very nice but huge Scooters that are more suited to the outdoors.

They just fit in the lift, I took my own scooter.
They don't have many seats but the seats they have are very posh,
To get to Westfield you can take

bus or car

To find out more about Westfield check the website out at:

Accessablity score: