31 December 2008

Museum of London Docklands

The Museum of London Docklands
I went to the Muesum of London Docklands for the first time, and I was amazed how accessible it was, the toilets normally have a small symbol of a wheelchair, not here the door to the accessible toilet was painted bright orange and had a huge white wheelchair symbol painted on the door, the space inside was really good they had made space so you could park your wheelchair just outside of the toilet and walk in to where the toilet was a few inchs so you could have more room without your wheelchair takintg up room.

The staff where really friendly and kind and very helpful indeed they showed us round and talked to us in a very nice manor, it felt that they wanted their visitors to have a good day out so they made us feel welcom

They also had wheelchairs and scootors to hire (in the muesum only) I did not use one, we went to an exhibition called "London Sugar and Slavery" that was very inresting indeed and showed how times have changed for the better.

here is a photo of a rack of folding seats that you could take round the muesum

A image from the exhibtion, was well done and very well lit, they also had a film on the Slavery trade that was subtiled well.

As you can see from the photo from the film the subtiltles are clear and easy to read.

This bust of the face is very tactle for those with limited sight, it is the face of a famous person b ut I can't rember who.

In another gallery in the museum on the history of tea there is a row of boxes with spices and tea and coffee beans in to smell, that is very good for those with limited sight.

Right if your feeling hungry?
The cafe is the ideal place for a light bite, the cafe has the basic range of drinks from tea, coffee, lattie etc, the tables are round but big and the seats are not fixed you can move them to park a wheelchair or scooter. Coffee is great.

In another part of the muesum is a set of a alley with ale house and shops and the surfaces are different they have cobbies wood etc and sounds and smells.. Please note it is quite dark!

As well as that in yet another gallery, that is on the war and has a replica of an air raid shelter that you can go in an sit on the bench inside.

(sorry no photo)

In the same gallery they had a few touch screen computers with true storys on and they where great as they had animated the text to do funny things

this is the touch screen computer..

The muesum has a lot of seats that you can rest on like the one in the photo.

How to reach the muesum

to find out more please visit the muesums website at

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26 November 2008

The Royal Brompton Hospital

The Royal Brompton Hospital is the top hospital for heart and lung problems, I am under the hospital due to my disablity and shallow breathing. The hospital is in an old victorian building that is very well built.

Don't worry about the steps in the photo, yes that is the main entrance but where the amblances park and where a few disabled bays are round the back of the hospital that enterance has a ramp and a set of anutomatic doors that open towards you.

I go to the brompton hospital every so often for a check up with Dr Simonds who is a wonderful person, and who is very professional at her job.

I also have a VPAP that I got from the brompton to help my carbon dioxide levels from getting to high. I had to go in and try it out at the Lind Clinic and I found it hard at first but Dr Simonds told me this moto: "Treat the machine like a friend" and from then on I have used it all night.

The Address of The Brompton Hospital

Sydney Street,
Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 8121

Map of where the Brompton Hospital is

Parking: the hospital is in a parking meter zone. There are very limited spaces available in front of Sydney Wing for disabled badge-holders and parents of paediatric patients only.

The nearest public car park is three minutes’ walk away on Sydney Street, near the King’s Road and is run by CP Plus Parking. On-street parking is allowed in metered bays in nearby side streets. Both options are expensive.

There are four parking spaces for disabled drivers in Cale Street, three in Foulis Terrace and five in Dudmaston Mews (behind Fulham wing). View our map including locations of disabled parking.


The Brompton Hospital has a cafe that I have yet to see but they take food seriously, so it should be very good

As well as the brompton having a cafe it also has it's own flower shop that is run by volunteers, members of 'The Friends of the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The Friends also have a shop where you can buy Chocolates , Teabags etc, and they run the Tea Bar as well.

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust is the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK and among the largest in Europe. We work from two sites, Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea, West London and Harefield Hospital near Uxbridge.

The Access is very good via the accessible entrance, the hospital is clean and there are lifts that take you to the floor you want.

I have got one of the SIT STOP seats fitted by the lifts so you are able to sit on it while you wait for the very slow lifts.

if you want to find out more please visit the SIT STOP page.

To find out more about the Royal Brompton Hospital please visit their website at: http://www.rbht.nhs.uk/home/.

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since I have been in the hospital so many times here is my fly on the wall look at the workings from the patients view

19 November 2008

Ikea Croydon


The Carpark is very large but not very well signposted, we got a disabled parkingt bay with a cover, it was late Sunday morning so it was luck that we got a disabled bay, but it does look like Ikea is taking abuse of the bays seriously.

At the main entrance there is a rotating door that not everyone likes so they have a normal door that is meant to be automatic by a push button but wasn't working so we used it as a normal door.

I went to do some shopping at Ikea Croydon, it was not the nearest store to us but we wanted the store with the most Herman Chairs, because we are hoping to use them in advertising SIT STOP. Due to the colour of the seats being either yellow or Black, they did have a white one as well the price was only £9.99.

Ikea is very accessible for people in scooters, wheelchairs, or those with moblity problems because they have a lift to the showrooms, that is the whole of the top floor. Please note that it is quite a long way round, yes there is a short cut but they have hidden it very well, I walked all the way round, there are plenty of seats to sit on in the showrooms because they want to show the seats of to the best they can do.

I then went for a coffee and a bite to eat in the Resturant where I had a snack with my coffee, When you buy your first cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate you can go up and sterve yourself to as many re-fills as you wish.

Here is a sample from the Ikea menu:
Enjoy a hearty breakfast from only 95p. Don't forget your unlimited re-fill of tea/coffee for only 75p.10 good reasons to visit our restaurant (pdf size 1.6mb)

Good news
Visit our Swedish food market for some great ideas. There are some fantastic Swedish specialities that you can take home to enjoy.

IKEA food services
Take home a taste of Sweden
Like the meatballs in the restaurant? Now you can eat them at home! We've launched our own food products to make sure you can enjoy IKEA quality and low price whenever you want. Check out the whole range of Swedish traditional specialties in our food shop situated after the checkouts.Fried meatballs are among the indispensable courses at the world-famous Swedish smorgasbord. Then they are usually served with no trimmings together with herring and sausages. For lunch and dinner, however meatballs are served with potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce. Two of these three accessories can also be bought in your local store.Suitable food before during and after assembling IKEA furniture.
Taste of Sweden
back to top

Swedish Meatballs
Try our traditional Swedish meatballs with cream sauce and lingonberry sauce. Small(10) £3.75 regular (15) £4.25 large (20) £5.75.
from £3.75
Generous slices of salmon marinated with dill, sugar and spices served with a sweet mustard sauce. Enjoy it with a piece of crispbread or warm boiled potatoes.
Prawn & Egg Open Sandwich
Delicious cold water prawns, creamy mayonnaise, hard boiled egg, fresh crisp lettuce leaves served on top of a piece of healthy rye bread.
Meatball Open Sandwich
Meatballs on a bed of lettuce topped with beetroot mayonnaise.
Oven Baked Salmon
Oven baked salmon on a bed of vegatables with apple glaze

They do have accessible toilets nearby signposted by a huge sign that reads 'Toilets' blue on white, the toilet also has a baby changing unit in it.

After a bite we went down to the Market Place, that used to be downstairs but now is partly on the same floor as the

The Market Place is the whole of the lower floor and needs more seats, they do have a few benches but to few.

When we got to the checkouts we had a hour left before the store closed at 5pm, and we needed to have a drink to relax us at the cafe I got a tea and a coffee for a £1.00

Then they want you to visit the swedish shop at the end of the visit to Ikea.
Map IKEA Croydon Store

Store opening hours:Weekdays: 10am - midnightSaturday: 9am - 11pmSunday: 11am - 5pm(Open for browsing from 10am)Bank Holidays: 10am - 10pmRestaurant opening times:Weekdays: 9.30am - 11pmSaturday: 9am - 10.30pmSunday: 10am - 4.30pmBank Holidays: 10am - 9.30pm

For more information visit the Ikea website at:http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/store/croydon

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29 October 2008

The Lodge Parkside Hospital

The Lodge that is part of Parkside Hospital that is a private hospital, The Lodge has a physio gym and a massage room (that I did not see) I went to the Lodge to use their Hydrotherapy Pool after I had an assessment before hand by a Neuro Physio who will go in the Hydrotherapy Pool with you.

There is a accessible toilet before you go enter the Hydro Pool, but there is no toilet at the poolside. The changing room is accessible to wheelchairs but as you enter the pool area there is a small ridge that you need to mind.

The Hydrotherapy Pool is 35c, also it has a shallow end and deep end that are clearly marked by a step, as you will be with a physio in the water you will be quite safe.

I had a short Watsu session by the physio. The floor round the pool has non slip tiles, you enter the pool by either being lowered into the pool by a chair hoist, they don't have a overhead hoist or by the stairs that have an handle both sides, as well as round the pool.

Photo of myself and the physio in the Hydro Pool

the parkside hospital logo.

At The Lodge there is not a cafe but if you go to the 1st floor that can be rteached by either stairs or lift. You can help yourself to either tea or wonderful coffee ( filter coffee from the machine that also has a hot water tap). Sugar milk and spoons are ready to use at the side.

How to find the hospital:

To find out more visit the website at

Photo of myself having Watsu by the physio

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26 October 2008

Bar Estilo,Restaurant and Bar

Estilo Restaurant Log

This Restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible, the table and chairs are not fixed so can be moved out of the way if needs be.

Some of the dishes on the menu are:

Honey Glazed Chicken, Chargrilled brest of chicken with Spanish Rice and Black bean chilli and honey glazed

Penne Pasta with chicken, and Cajun spiced and mustard cream sauce.

Inside and outside the cafecafe

The Staff are very friendly and the coffee is good, if you don't want the music on in your area they will swich of the speakers in that area.

Please note that there is a area that is up 3 steps, and has a handrail, but if your in a wheelchair you won't need to go anywhere near them.

Opened in August 1998
Refurbished in June 2006
Seating for 100 diners plus a comfortable bar
Located in the heart of Broad Street an ideal venue to stop off for a glass of wine or a sangria and some tapas whilst shopping
Easily accessed by public transport. Only a five minute walk from Teddington mainline station while neighbouring Twickenham, Hampton Hill and Kingston are only a short bus ride away
Non-smoking tables available

If you want to find out more visit their website at:


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22 October 2008

Stepping On Out

Stepping on Out Logo

Stepping On out is a group of learning disabled people who have come together to create Christmas Cards and other sorts of cards by hand.

They have a shop thast is also there office,so it is accessible there is one tiny step but it is nothing to worry about. When I went for a visit to get some Christmas Cards for the forum at Hampton Court because one othe the learning disabled artists designs was a card with of Hampton Court Palace on it that is ideal for what I want.

In January 2008 we moved from Teddington Baptist Church to larger premises in Hampton Road, Twickenham so we could provide gainful employment for even more people with learning disabilities who will help us with production as well as simple administration tasks. These new premises were officially opened by the Mayor of Richmond on 30 January 2008.

This is the group of Staff at Stepping On Out.

When I went to visit I was welcomed warmly and they offered me a seat.

the Stepping On Out shop.

I was very impressed by the fact they have used Yellow and Black for the sign obove the shop, they said they wanted it to stand out.

Some of the great cards made by Stepping On Out's Staff

Stepping on Out 35 Hampton Road Twickenham Middlesex TW2 5QE UK tel: +44 (0) 20 8744 8440

The Address of Stepping On Out

Stepping on Out is a Non Profit project for more information visit the Stepping on Out Website at:

http://www.steppingonout.org.uk/ the site is also yellow and black.

Our offices are open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 4.30pm

Please visit the shop and Website because the work is great.

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15 October 2008

Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool

Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool, in Teddington next door to Teddington main pool, it has a blue and orange sign with an arrow pointing to the pool.

Photo of Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool.

This pool is great for anyone who suffers from aches and pains or those who are in wheelchairs and when in the water they feel free.

The water temp. is 35-36c - it can be warmer or a bit cooler depending whether the boiler is playing up or not.

There are accessible changing rooms and a shower room that is also an accessible toilet, there is a shower that you can use that is just by the Hydrotherapy Pool.

To enter the pool there are steps but there is also a hoist chair that the lifeguards can help use.

The price to use Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool is £12 from 10am - 11am or you can choose from the times that you can use the Hydrotherapy Pool from the website at:

to find out the times etc.

There is a small car park with four bays at an angle and also half a disabled bay by the ramp that takes the other half.

There is either a steep slope to the Hydrotherapy Pool or a gentle ramp down, there are walking frames that you can use to reach the poolside.

Just inside the entrance are two metal tables and chairs that you can use if you are waiting for your slot in the Hydrotherapy Pool, there is not a drinks machine that you can get coke from but they have put a water dispenser that you can use.

If you want to comment on anything to do with the Hydro Pool visit this page of the website:

The pool is 10 metres long and it has a metal bar all the way round the pool for you to hold onto if you wish.

I go on Saturday morning and I have a set of exercises that I do in the water I also swim some lengths if the pool is not too busy.

How to get there
By bus: 281, 285, R68 (alight in High St), 33 (alight in Waldegrave Rd) By train: Teddington Station By car: Pay and display parking on site (fee is fully refunded when using pool).

08 October 2008

Olympia London

The logo for the Back Show at Olympia, London.

Tickets are £12.50p or £7.50 if you book in advace

The Back show was held at Olympia London on Saturday the 4th of October from 10am-6pm and Sunday 5th October 2008 10am-4pm, The hall in the building was accessible to wheelchairs and people with moblity problems due to the fact that they have a platform lift.

The stalls at the back show included:

  1. Chiropractic Clinic

  2. Art of Swimming


  4. Swopper Beds

  5. Sit Kneel Chairs

  6. BMI Healthcare

  7. The Back Store

  8. Heat and Click

  9. Back Care

  10. Bowen Therapist's

and many more...

As well as the stalls where you can buy everything to help your back from shoes to pillows, you can also have a break and enjoy a Massage from the:

Relaxation & Treatment Zone, where you can have:

  • Price - £15 for 15 mins
    Traditional Japanese Medicine

  • Price - £25 for 20 minute taster treatment
    Anma Massage

  • Head, Neck & Shoulders – £15 for 15 mins

  • Oxygen Therapy £10 for 10 mins

and more

There is a cafe stall where you can get a cup of tea, coffee etc and cakes and that kind of thing.

They have a accessible toilet at the back of the hall just by the massage.

image from this years back show 2008

photo of building

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