01 July 2009

National Gallery

The National Gallery Logo

On Monday we went up to the National Gallery for a special everning event called "Access To Art" it started at 6:30pm and ended at 9pm.

There was a talk on the Haywain that had been lowered for this event so we could get close to it, the gallery was closed to the public it was great I went up and looked at the Chair by Vincent van Gogh and also the 'Sunrflowers' by Vincent van Gogh was lowered for the same reason the Haywain was.

The whole gallery wasn't open but a large chunk was.

As well as the paintings being lowered for us as you can see in the photo of the 'Sunflowers' there was music as well as the talk on the Haywain that was good but they also had some folk songs sung for us on the theme of the Haywain that were very nice.

The talk was good but there where some blind people who attended this event as well and couldn't hear the man talking, so the gallery provied a

tactile picture of the Haywain as well as the text to the speak in Braile that you can see in the photo.

Also there where some women dresssed up as the paintings that added a bit of fun to the event.

What do you thin of the likeness?

Inside the gallery

The shop was open for us to buy a gift, we missed the talk on the Sunflowers and went to the shop as well as the accessible toilet.

Parking is limited!

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