27 May 2009

The Inn at Kew Gardens

The Inn at Kew Gardens is a very smart hotel, it is fully accessiable to people in wheelchairs and those who use rolators, the accessiable entrance is at the back of the hotel via the beer garden.

The staff at the Inn at Kew Gardens are very friendly, the food is good and I had two decaf latties that are freshly made by hand and a worth trying.

Here is the menu:

*Sample Menu*
Cream of Broccoli soup with croutons 4.25
Goat’s cheese, grape chutney and shallot salad 5.95
Pork and ham terrine with onion marmalade 5.75
Scotch egg with coleslaw 4.50
Potted crab with toast and shallot salad 6.00
Smoked mackerel pate with shallots, breakfast radish and croutons 5.95
Share Platters
Fish platter, bread, saffron aioli and garnishes 9.00
Charcuterie with bread, chutney and garnishes 9.00
Roast courgette, mushroom and spinach gratin
with parmesan and truffle oil 11.50
Fish pie of smoked haddock, prawns, salmon, cod, peas and
hardboiled egg with a mash potato crust 12.50
Coq au vin with new potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli and sweet
roasted garlic 11.50
8 oz Sirloin steak with roast tomato, roast field mushroom, hand cut
chips and béarnaise sauce 14.25
Chocolate mousse with berry compote 5.00
Bread and butter pudding with rum & raisin ice cream 5.50
Tarte tatin with double cream 5.00
Selection of four cheeses with celery, grapes,
quince jelly and biscuits 6.25
Chips with sea salt / Selection of sides available 3.00

Here are some photos of the bedrooms in the hotel, they are all on-suite

The hotel has got a big accessiable toilet next door to the female and male toilets, the room is painted red and is very warm that isn't a bad thing.
The Bar of the Inn at Kew Gardens

In the Inn at Kew Gardens they offer these things:

  • Outside seating
    Open fires
    Real ales
    Guest ales
    Selection of draught beers
    Selection of bottled beers
    Private hire
    Kids welcome
    Dogs welcome in the bar
    Hotel accommodation
    Mezzanine floor
    Modern European cooking & Sunday roasts
    Close to Twickenham
    Close to Heathrow
    Close to Kew Gardens
    Close to The National Archives
    Live Jazz

The Address of the hotel is:

The Kew Gardens Hotel
292 Sandycombe





Telephone: 020 8940 2220

Please visit the hotel because the drinks are great, also the tables are not fixed to the floor the same with the chairs, they also have a conservatory that is lovely when the suns out.

Kew Gardens is nearby by taxi

visit the website at:

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20 May 2009

Florence Nightingale Museum

This museum is small but very accessible with a accessible toilet at the main entrance and pay desk, the cost of a disabled visitor is £4.80p it is cheaper than the adult price.

The Florence Nightingale Museum is all about the life of Florence Nightingale it is very intresting to read about what conditions where like in the hospital's she work in

Florence Nightingale, wrote in had a diray and wrote: "Couldn't find any blankets"

In history books and figures of Florence Nightingale, she is holding a candle in her hand, but in fact she had a lamp that she held when she was walking round the hospital, remember there were no lights, the lamp she was holding was the only light if she droped it and it went out she would be in complete darkness. That is the really lamp she had.

Florence Nightingale had a owl that she tamed and everywhere she went the owl went with her in her pocket until it died. This is her owl stuffed, it's also in a glass case to prevent children touching it.

Like today the NHS like their nurses to wear a uniform and this is what her uniformv looked like, it's more like a maids uniform than a nurse's

Right the medicine was much more rough and ready than it is today and they had no anaesthetic, like today so having a operation meant pain.

Florence Nightingale was not just a great nurse she wanted to pass on her skills, so she wrote a book on nursing.

The museum feels a bit tired and needs to be updated.... Well The Florence Nightingale Museum is going to be taken into the future, it will look something like this:

Here are the plans of what they want to do, it will take some time but they are going update The Florence Nightingale Museum soon.

Please note that there is no cafe in the museum but it in the grounds of St Tomas's Hospital and it is near to the canteen there on grond you go up a smart lift.

to find out more please visit The Florence Nightingale Museum's website at:

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06 May 2009


The White Lodge Museum and Ballet Resource Centre is part of The Royal Ballet School, that is in Richmond Park, The Museum is open to the public but you need to book a time slot and also a parking space.

I went yesturday to check the museum out and to check the access I am happy to say it is great for wheelchair users and people like me with moblity problems, the first room that you see is The Salon Room that is a large bright room that has free standing bars along the left side of the room, we had to move out of the Salon Room because it is still used as a room for ballet classes.

The Salon Room has no carpet it is bare boards and has a small step up into the room.

Parking was easy they have a number of disabled bays outside the main entrance it could not be easier.

Here is a photo of the sign that they have made saying "Disabled Parking Only" it even has the Royal Ballet School's crest on too.

When I went they paulled out all the stops so I could get into the building such as putting the ramp out

Here is the ramp that they have it is very wide.

The main entrance looks like this, as you can see it is a very grand building

Inside the museum they have made it smart bright and the text size is big so it is easy to read, they have got so text on the wall so it is large and in white the wall is blue.

This is part of the text panel in the museum as you can see they have old adverts and photos, as well as the panels of text they have films that you can start by pressing the button, they also have a wall of small films that are very good.

Here are the small films that you can see are well done mos are subttiled

While your at the museum watch out for 'Willow' the Ballet School Cat.

There is no cafe remember it is a school.
There is a accessable toilet that visitors can use but you need to be taken by a member of staff to show you where it is because it is.

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Please visit their website at

Here is the booking number

+44 (0)20 8392 8440 or email museum@royalballetschool.co.uk.