31 December 2008

Museum of London Docklands

The Museum of London Docklands
I went to the Muesum of London Docklands for the first time, and I was amazed how accessible it was, the toilets normally have a small symbol of a wheelchair, not here the door to the accessible toilet was painted bright orange and had a huge white wheelchair symbol painted on the door, the space inside was really good they had made space so you could park your wheelchair just outside of the toilet and walk in to where the toilet was a few inchs so you could have more room without your wheelchair takintg up room.

The staff where really friendly and kind and very helpful indeed they showed us round and talked to us in a very nice manor, it felt that they wanted their visitors to have a good day out so they made us feel welcom

They also had wheelchairs and scootors to hire (in the muesum only) I did not use one, we went to an exhibition called "London Sugar and Slavery" that was very inresting indeed and showed how times have changed for the better.

here is a photo of a rack of folding seats that you could take round the muesum

A image from the exhibtion, was well done and very well lit, they also had a film on the Slavery trade that was subtiled well.

As you can see from the photo from the film the subtiltles are clear and easy to read.

This bust of the face is very tactle for those with limited sight, it is the face of a famous person b ut I can't rember who.

In another gallery in the museum on the history of tea there is a row of boxes with spices and tea and coffee beans in to smell, that is very good for those with limited sight.

Right if your feeling hungry?
The cafe is the ideal place for a light bite, the cafe has the basic range of drinks from tea, coffee, lattie etc, the tables are round but big and the seats are not fixed you can move them to park a wheelchair or scooter. Coffee is great.

In another part of the muesum is a set of a alley with ale house and shops and the surfaces are different they have cobbies wood etc and sounds and smells.. Please note it is quite dark!

As well as that in yet another gallery, that is on the war and has a replica of an air raid shelter that you can go in an sit on the bench inside.

(sorry no photo)

In the same gallery they had a few touch screen computers with true storys on and they where great as they had animated the text to do funny things

this is the touch screen computer..

The muesum has a lot of seats that you can rest on like the one in the photo.

How to reach the muesum

to find out more please visit the muesums website at

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